About Vanuatu FX Licenses

The Vanuatu FX Securities Dealers License enables you to become fast a regulated FX & Securities dealer and also enables your client base direct access to all your products and services. Services that may be offered/rendered by you as a regulated FX & Securities dealer might be: Forex Services; Asset Management Services; Bonds; Certificates of Deposit and various other products & services in the above context.

No other financial license does offers such an add-on value at such low cost price.

Despite the fact of an ever-increasing demand for sophisticated financial services and products worldwide, there is also an inability of startup, small or medium operators to obtain a license from a reputable jurisdiction to enable them to join a regulated business environment and do business in a proper and regulated mode.

Financial Authorities worldwide are trying to impose strict rules and increase entry barriers (such as enormous capital requirements), trying to dissuade small & medium-sized companies from this business area.

A Vanuatu Securities Dealers License might be THE answer to your needs. It is a relatively new product however it gained already popularity and acceptance through many financial circles, with many firms offering financial services to their worldwide clientele.

Obtaining a license becomes possible due to the Dealers in Securities (Licensing) Act [Cap 70 of the laws of Vanuatu], previously called Prevention of Fraud (Investment) Act, which allows individuals and companies to apply for such a license.



The advantages:

  • A Vanuatu licensed firm may be offering bank-like services, Forex (FX) services and commodity trading & brokerage services
  • A Vanuatu licensed firm may be accepting clients from all the world
  • A Vanuatu licensed firm is paying a very low "entry fee" to the Government for obtaining the license
  • A Vanuatu licensed firm may be advertising its services & products in any way it might be deemed appropriate for it under the circumstances
  • We offer a full package
  • You do not need to travel to Vanuatu to conduct the application process; all could be conducted via email and courier, should you decide to engage GLOBAL MONEY CONSULTANTS S.A. to do the job for you.

Legal Background:

Under the Act two (2) Licenses are currently available: (a) Principal's License and (b) Representative's License. Both Licenses are being granted by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) under the Vanuatu Ministry of Finance auspices. Basically, the Act has two functions: (a) firstly to regulate issuance of the license of Securities Dealer and (b) secondly to impose penalties for physical persons or bodies corporate dealing in securities without a permission, or fraudulently inducing other parties to invest monies into securities.


The Vanuatu Forex Securities Dealers Licenses enables you to carry out the following services:

• Option to sell your share certificates

• debentures

• loan stocks

• certificates issuing

• deposit taking

• bonds

• loans

• a right, despite whether or not conferred by warrant, to subscribe for shares or debt securities

• the proceeds of Foreign Exchange or FOREX

• the proceeds of precious metals

• the proceeds of commodities

• trading on Managed Accounts with POA / LPOA

The definition of "dealing in securities" includes a requirement of an intention to make a profit. As a result, foreign exchange transactions that are intended to make a profit for the client (as opposed to simple money exchange) fall within the definition of "dealing in securities" and licenses are required to carry on that business.


Zero tax if profits are generated outside Vanuatu.


f required, we can provide you a fully working software to manage accounts, payments, transactions, currency exchange and open accounts, sub-accounts, creating account groups, etc. We can give you a demo of this full software package upfront. This software could be obtained on top of the applicable fees for the basic license package (please check our website www.gmc-ebanq.com for more details).


We help you to establish a number of full SWIFT network connected bank accounts for your new Forex License and your Vanuatu company.


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